Our on-site pilot facilities are able to produce fibers incorporating any of the cross sections and materials available from our production processes, and then some!  At FIT, we have the most flexible semi-works fiber line in the industry.  We are able to mimic our production equipment in virtually every way from blending/drying to extrusion to finishing.  We can produce multiple types of bicomponents in various polymers as well as the full range of cross sections and cut lengths.  In addition, FIT has the ability to develop tow products in the same configurations in both crimped and uncrimped as well as short cut fibers down to 6mm.

FIT has a dedicated management and staff that operate the R&D facility daily or around the clock as needed for longer duration trials.  FIT maintains a number of patents and a large amount of IP, that can be tapped into by customers as we jointly develop new products.